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Video Recordings

The OCOM Library has video cameras available for checkout. Users who are recording events are encouraged to make reservations for cameras, as we cannot guarantee that a camera will be available if you did not place a reservation.

No member of the IT, Facilities, or Library staff are responsible for video editing – the user takes on all responsibility for editing. Once the user has checked out the camera, they are responsible for use.

The camera must be returned within the agreed checkout period. Late fees will apply if the camera is returned late, and users agree to be responsible for these fees. The user is responsible for returning all parts of the camera, including the carrying case, the power cord, and any other equipment that was provided in the checkout process.

*If you are planning an event, don’t forget to reserve a room with both the Academic and Student Services Coordinator and Facilities!

Reserving a Camera
  1. Reserve camera by emailing us here. Be sure to include the date and time you need the camera in your email.
  2. Pick up the camera from the library circulation desk up to an hour before your scheduled appointment. Tripods are available upon request.
Publishing a Video

If you would like the video to be available for streaming on the OCOM YouTube Channel, pick up a Speaker Release Form at the time of picking up the camera.

The event speaker must sign the Speaker Release Form. The library will not process any videos that are unaccompanied by a Speaker Release Form.

Video recording information for students

Videos for student-run events such as Cauldron Club lectures must be accompanied by a signed Speaker Release Form in order for the library to proceed with processing and making the video available for streaming on the OCOM Library website. The Speaker Release Form gives OCOM the right to display the video taken during the presentation on the library website; videos from students that do not have a signed Speaker Release Form will not be processed. In order to access the videos, students will need to log in to the library website using their library account information. The library has no obligation to permanently retain or archive any videos recorded.

Video recording information for staff / faculty

Class related videos

If an instructor needs a class-recording to be available to students (for example, Ethics and Jurisprudence or Physics), the video will be uploaded to YouTube, with the privacy setting of “Unlisted.” The instructor will then embed or post the private link to the video into the Populi class resources, making it viewable only to those who have access to that particular class. The library will only retain videos for recurring classes (such as Microbiology) for the last two classes; older editions will be removed from YouTube.

Guest speakers and events organized by OCOM

Event organizers must have guest speakers sign a Speaker Release Form. Community events such as graduation and the No Talent Show, do not require a signed Speaker Release Form.

Video recording information for presenters

Guest speakers who are recorded at OCOM events are asked to sign a Speaker Release Form. This form allows us to make your presentation available to the OCOM community.  Student events can be made available via streaming on the OCOM Library website; these videos are not made available to the general public — rather, individuals with valid OCOM Library cards may view the videos on our website by logging in using their library credentials.

If you are a presenter at OCOM and have any questions about how your presentation is being distributed, please contact your event organizer or a library staff member.

Video Retainment Policy

The retainment of any digital or video copies of the recordings made while using this camera is dependent on the format of the material being recorded:

  • Institutional requirements:  Biochem, Physics, Ethics, Blood Borne Pathogens (hard drive and DVDs – forever/2-5 years)
  • Annuals: grad, no talent (DVDs – forever)
  • Quarter specific needs: individual classes, guest speakers (DVD or streaming video – 6months-1year)
  • Student organizations:  cauldron club, student research club, etc. (streaming video only – semi-permanent, but no commitment to retain)
  • Personal: non-institutional (no retainment)

If a user wishes to add their video the OCOM Library collection, the user is responsible for editing the video and providing the library with a digital version of the recording in an acceptable format. DVDs or CDs will not be accepted. The Library staff will not provide any editing services.