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Donating Library Materials

The OCOM Library accepts donations of new or used books, audiovisual materials, and study aids. Donated books must be in good condition; we will not accept materials that are deteriorating or are excessively marked up. Any materials that we deem not suitable for our collection will be added to our next Library Book Sale, or be added to the Freeshare collection in the student lounge area.

We are not currently accepting print journals, handouts, or any photocopied materials.

At the time of delivery, the donor will receive a receipt for the donation; we can not assess the value of the donation, and we ask all donors to provide us with an estimate value.

We do not accept unannounced donations, so please contact the Director of Library Services to schedule a drop-off / delivery time. We cannot pick up materials, so you will need to coordinate a delivery option.

Feeling Generous?

The Library has an Amazon Wishlist, making it is easy to make even a small contribution to the OCOM Library.

You can learn about other ways to donate by visiting