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Error Message / Expired Certificate on Library Resource

Our IT Department is in the process of upgrading our security certificate for ezproxy (the system that allows you to use library journals and databases from off-campus); while they do this work, you may see an error page when attempting to log in. For Firefox users, it looks like this:

The Library’s certificate is expired, but you can still use library databases — our login site does not ask you for your email password or personal information like credit card information, so you are safe continuing to use library databases.

For most browsers, the option to continue to the library databases will be hidden behind some kind of (possibly vaguely worded) link or button. For Firefox and Chrome, you can click the “Advanced” link. In Safari, this is a bit more hidden — you’ll need to click on the “View Certificate” link to proceed.

If you have any additional questions about this error or are otherwise having trouble accessing online library resources, do not hesitate to contact a librarian for help.