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Library Services During COVID-19

Updated 1/07/2021

The Library is currently operating at STAGE 3 of our COVID-19 reopening plan.
  • Visiting the Library: The library is open to current students and staff, with a limited number of users allowed in the library at a time. Alumni and Local Practitioners are asked to not visit the library in person at this time. The Group Study Room is closed. Library users are required to wear a mask at all times while in the library, and are asked to wear gloves when retrieving items from the stacks or handling reference materials. All library users are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the library. 
  • Book Pickup / Delivery: Curbside pickup, shipping, and scanning services are offered. 
  • Returning Library Materials: There is a Return Drop Box available in the lobby for those who need to return items.
  • Document Delivery / Scanning: The library offers scanning services for those who need access to pages from a textbook. Students who need print copies of materials (for example, handouts for one of your classes) can use our Print-to-Mail service, where we will print out documents and mail them to you.
  • Laptop Checkouts and Printing: Wireless printing is available in the 3rd floor lobby, as well as in the library.
  • Online Services: Virtual reference services and Interlibrary Loan continue to be available, as well as access to online resources such as ebooks and electronic journal articles.
  • Resources for Faculty: The library can assist faculty in making course reserves available to students and in creating class or assignment-specific help guides.

Visiting the Library

In order to maintain social distancing and limit person-to-person contact, the library is currently limiting the number of people simultaneously using the library. During this time, the Library space is intended for individual quiet study and computer use; the Group Study Room is closed, and social distancing policies are in place. Students not adhering to library guidelines for safety (including wearing masks and practicing social distancing) will be asked to leave the library. Alumni and Local Practitioners are asked to not visit the library in person at this time, though they are welcome to use the book pickup service.

Library use is first come, first served, with a one hour limit on library use. Students will be provided with a study space (either an empty study carrel or a computer space) during this time; if there is no waitlist, students may renew their time in the library for an additional hour.

Library users will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines while in the library:
  • Masks are required at all times, and gloves should be used when handling Reference materials. 
  • Maintain a safe distance from others (at least 6 feet). Group study is not allowed in the library at this time, and students not adhering to library guidelines for safety will be asked to leave. 
  • Library use is for one hour. If no one is waiting when your time expires, you can renew your appointment by another hour.
  • If you are physically able to do so, please follow the guidelines for entering and exiting the library.
What to expect when visiting the library:
  • During open hours, the entryway will be propped open to limit the need to touch handles and to circulate air. If the door is closed during open hours, it means the library staff member had to step away from the desk; you can ring the doorbell to alert staff to your presence. 
  • Upon entering the library, you will need to check in at the reference desk. If someone else is currently being helped at the desk, please wait at the door entrance until you are called forward.
  • You will be provided with a specific study space for a one-hour period. If the library is at maximum capacity, people who want a study space can be added to the wait list, and library staff will message you once a space becomes available.
  • Masks are required at all times. To this effect, food and drink are not allowed in the library.
  • We are figuring this out, the same as you. Please be patient with us during this time!

Book Pick Up / Delivery

You may now place holds on books and pick them up in person via curbside or in-person pickup. All people entering the campus are required to go through COVID-19 screening. We recommend using in-person pickup service for people who are already on campus (for work, school, clinic, etc.); if you are not required to be on campus, please use the curbside pickup service. Students and faculty who cannot travel to campus may request shipping services.


  1. Place a hold in Primo for a book.
  2. Once library staff has retrieved your item from the stacks, we will email you to schedule a pickup appointment.

If you choose curbside pickup, you’ll need to set a time to pick up your items so we know when to expect you. When you arrive for your appointment, call Rachel in the Bookstore at 503-253-3443 ext.101 and she will bring your library holds out to you.

If you choose in-person pickup, you’ll select a day to pick up your library materials; you can stop by anytime during the Bookstore’s open hours to retrieve your library holds from the dedicated Library Holds cart.

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to make your pickup day, you will need to contact us before the end of the day to reschedule a pickup. If you are a no-show, your library holds will be returned and you will need to start over and place a new request. If there is a hold queue you will lose your place in line, so please make sure to communicate with us if you cannot make your appointment!


Students who have mobility issues or are experiencing other barriers that prevent them from traveling to the college campus to pick up library holds may request home delivery. Home delivery is limited to 2 deliveries per term, up to four items per delivery.

  1. When placing a hold in Primo, select “Shipping” as the delivery option.
  2. Library staff will contact you to verify your delivery address before sending out the item. Home delivery only goes out once per week, so please be patient when using this service.

Returning Library Materials

The Library is accepting returns. Please do not hand returns to library staff; instead, use one of the Return Drop Boxes on campus — one is located in the main lobby of the campus building, and a second one can be found within the library. Just like last term, we are not charging late fees for any items that are in our system as “overdue,” but if your loans are excessively overdue, you may be charged a lost item replacement fee.

Document Delivery Services

SCANNING SERVICES (electronic delivery)

The Library will scan pages from physical items in our collection; students who request this service will receive a PDF of the scanned pages delivered to their OCOM email address. Students may request up to two chapters to be scanned per day. To request scanned pages from textbooks, please find the material in Primo, and under the REQUEST OPTIONS, select “Digitization.”

PRINT SHIPPING SERVICE (physical delivery)

Students may request items to be printed out and mailed to their address. Students who would like to request this service will need to fill out a Print to Mail request form; students will be charged for any pages printed ($0.10 per page). Once the item has been printed out, library staff will ship the unbound pages to the student. There is a $2 charge for this service.

Computer Lab, Laptop Checkouts and Printing


We now have wireless printing on campus! If you have a device connected to the campus wifi, you can print by following these directions.


The library Chromebooks and iPads available for checkout. If you need to borrow a device long-term in order to complete your studies at OCOM, please contact Student Services, and they will coordinate getting you a device.

Online Library Services

The Library will continue to provide online library services, including:

REFERENCE SERVICES: The library is staffed between the hours of 8:30AM – 4PM Monday – Friday to provide online reference services. You can contact a librarian via chat, email, or by scheduling a live virtual reference meeting via Zoom.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN: The Library has reopened interlibrary loan services for both journal articles and books. Some college libraries are still closed or open very limited hours, and it may take longer to receive materials.

EBOOKS: We continue to provide access to ebooks during this time. You can find and access ebooks through the Primo Catalog, or by visiting the ebook site directly (we use EBSCO and OverDrive as our two main ebook portals). If you need access to a book that is not in our collection, you are welcome to use the Suggest a Purchase request form. During this time period, please limit your requests to items that you need for your studies at OCOM.

Resources for Faculty


Faculty may request electronic course reserves in order to support distance teaching & learning. This may include:

  • the purchase of ebooks (faculty can then post the link to the full-text in Populi);
  • the scanning of textbook pages or chapters into PDF format, which can then be uploaded to Populi.

Please limit your requests to what is essential for your students. Faculty may request electronic reserves / scanning services by filling out a Course Reserves Request Form.


The library staff would be happy to work with you to create a custom help guide to walk students through their research assignment. Some examples are:

We are also available to conduct live library instruction sessions for your class to help them with a particular assignment or skill set. Contact us to set up a library session or to request a course or assignment help guide.