OCOM's New Catalog is Here!

Primo Library Search is OCOM's new search interface

What is Primo Library Search?

Primo is the new library search tool used to find items held by OCOM Library and the libraries of the Portland Academic Health Library (PAHL) Consortium which also includes Oregon Health Sciences University, National College of Natural Medicine, and the University of Western States. Primo is also a way to search for articles and other electronic resources. Primo uses search scopes to combine specific collections and focus your results. You can select a specific search scope in the drop-down menu next to the Search Bar.

What is included in each search scope?

OCOM Library

Locate books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, archive materials, study aids, digitized student papers, online videos, print and electronic journals, and more -- all available either on-site at the OCOM Library or online using your library login information.


Locate everything in the OCOM list above, and find out if other academic libraries in the PAHL Consortium own what you're looking for.

OCOM + PAHL + Articles

Locate everything in the OCOM and PAHL lists above, as well as many full-text articles. This is the only scope in Primo that allows you to search the full-text content of articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, and more. This covers a large portion of the journals OCOM has online access to, but not quite all.

Primo is one part of your complete search

Primo does not include all the content from specialized databases to which OCOM subscribes, for example it does not include AcuTrials or the Wanfang Database. Be sure to search these specialized databases as well as Primo to get a full range of results.


If you'd like to learn more about using Primo Library Search, check out this guide to using the catalog. Contact a librarian if you have any questions about or problems with the new catalog. And let us know what you think! Do you have suggestions for improvement? Contact us and let us know.