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Finding Articles

OCOM Library has an excellent collection of journal subscriptions on the topic of Chinese and oriental medicine, which are all indexed in the OCOM Journal Article Index. In addition to our in-house collection, articles can be found by searching databases. Free online databases like Pubmed and Google Scholar can be accessed from any computer, while databases that OCOM Library has subscriptions to, such as HerbMed Pro, the Classical Chinese Medicine Database, or the numerous databases found in EBSCOhost and Gale require an off campus login using your name and library card number which can be found on your OCOM ID badge. 

In addition, there are many internet resources that provide free access to online journal and government-funded research.

How to Find Articles:
  1. Figure out which database to use – Pubmed and Medline are good for biomedical research, Alt-Health Watch (EBSCO), AMED (EBSCO) and AcuTrials are good resources for alternative medicine-specific searching; Alt-Health Watch has more full-text, though many of the articles are not from peer-reviewed journals, but from popular magazines. AMED and AcuTrials are excellent sources for academic research, but AcuTrials does not have any full-text, and AMED has very little. Which brings us to our next question:
  2. How fast do you need the article? If you need it RIGHT NOW, you can use limits in databases to search only for articles that have access to free full-text. If you are on-campus, you can use the OCOM Journal Article Index (JAI) to find articles that we physically carry here in the library. Remember that the JAI uses somewhat obscure boolean symbols, so make sure to use & / ? for AND OR NOT (check out the JAI Video Tutorial for more help). If you can wait a few days, search anywhere you want and order articles for free using our Interlibrary Loan request form.
  3. Okay. So you found a citation on Google Scholar and you want the full-text of it. DON’T PAY FOR IT!!! First, check to see if we have access to it – check out our listing of journal articles we subscribe to. If it looks like we don’t have access to it, fill out an Interlibrary Loan request form. Requests generally take two days, but can be shorter or longer depending on the loaning institution.
  4. If you are still lost, check out some of our handy tutorials, or contact the librarian for one-on-one assistance.