Library Space & Group Study Room
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Non-disruptive food and drink is allowed in the library, but please be courteous about how your food may affect others who are using the library. If your food is considered disruptive by library staff (i.e., loud or smelly), you may be asked to take your food outside. Drinks without secure lids are not permitted at the computer stations.

The library is intended to be a quiet study area for all users; conversations should be limited and at "library volume." There is a group study room that can be used for people who wish to talk. Library staff will give a noisy patron one verbal warning; if the noise continues, the patron will be asked to leave.

Cell phone conversations are not allowed in the library. Patrons must exit the library to use their cell phones.

The Group Study Room can be reserved in person; you can sign up for a time slot using the calendar posted on the Group Study Room door.

The following policies govern the use of the Group Study Room:

  • Only current OCOM students, faculty and staff with an OCOM ID can reserve the Group Study Room.
  • Group Study Room reservations are intended for groups, defined as two or more users actively using the room.
  • When not reserved, the Group Study Room operates as a multi-purpose open access area, providing access to the Herbal Library, as well as additional study space to anyone who wishes to use it.
  • Reservations made for single users are not valid; priority will be given to groups with a reservation. Groups may make same-day reservations, but if the room is currently occupied, one-hour advanced notice is required.
  • Group Study Room users without a reservation must vacate the room when requested by a group of OCOM faculty, staff or students with a valid reservation.
  • Users are responsible for their personal property at all times, and should never leave items unattended. Library staff are not liable for loss or damage to personal property.
  • Library materials checked out to your account should be treated as personal belongings; you may be assessed overdue and replacement fees if they go missing from a study room.
  • Group Study Room users must maintain a moderate noise level - the room is not soundproof, and loud talking disturbs other users in the study area directly outside the room, and the rest of the library.
  • Users of the Group Study Rooms must clean up after themselves and leave the room in good condition for the next users.
  • Group Study Rooms must be vacated 10 minutes before Library closing time.

NOTICE: failure to follow these policies, or other applicable library policies, may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of access to these group study rooms.
The goal of the OCOM Library staff is that this room will be a clean and pleasant place to study. If you find that a room was left in poor condition by the previous occupants, report this immediately to the library staff.