Statement from the Library Director

The election is finally over, and we all have deep feelings over the long election process and the final results. This was a tough election cycle -- it was full of hateful speech and resulted in people feeling even more distrustful of politicians and of each other. Regardless of your preferred candidate or ballot measure, by election day, people just wanted it all to end.

In times of social unrest, libraries have historically stood strong and remained open as safe spaces, community centers, and places to find and create resources to transform society. I hope our library can support those needs in all of you; if we aren't meeting those needs, please let me know how we can help. Many in our community are sad, scared, confused, frustrated, and angry. We all have the right to those feelings. But remember that our student body is strong, and will continue to work towards creating a community of service. We will push on together, united as compassionate healers and researchers striving towards equality in healthcare. Our work is more important than ever before, and it is just beginning.

  Candise Branum
  Director of Library Services
  OCOM Library