Rock your boards, ace the clinic exam!

With boards and the clinical entrance exam on the horizon, the stress on-campus is palpable. The library is here to help! 

Check out this list of test prep books:

test prep resources in the library catalog

Many of these books are currently checked out, but you can place a hold on them and be next in line.

You can also take sample board exams (called QTest) in the library. These tests can only be accessed from our Library computers --ask for help at the front desk and we can show you how to login.

Feel a little nervous about your tests? Well, that's understandable! Check out these two videos from academic counselor Pat LaDouceur on stress management for test-taking.

Pat LaDouceur - End Test Anxiety

Pat LaDouceur - Ace Your Exams!


And finally, RELAX! You'll do great! And if you need a little help with that, here are some of our many books on meditation and relaxation.

meditation resources in the library catalog