Master Zhongxian Wu

Master Zhongxian Wu is a leading expert in several Eastern disciplines including qigong and taiji. He is the author of several books and has produced several instructional videos on the topic. As a committed student of classical Chinese arts for more than 40 years, Master Wu is also a powerful teacher who has shared his knowledge and insights with countless people around the world.

OCOM is delighted to host Master Wu for a class on Tuesday April 26th. The OCOM library has nearly every book and DVD he's produced and they are listed below. Most of them are checked out (not surprisingly!) but you can request them by clicking on the "Request it" link, then sign in where it says "Sign in for Request Options."


Chinese shamanic cosmic orbit qigong : esoteric talismans, mantras, and mudras in healing and inner cultivation

Main Circulation: WB 541.5.Q5 W959c 2011

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The 12 Chinese animals : create harmony in your daily life through ancient Chinese wisdom

Main Circulation: BF 1714 W959t 2010

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Vital breath of the Dao : Chinese shamanic tiger qigong : laohu gong

Main Circulation: WB 541.5.Q5 W959v 2006  

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Heavenly stems and earthly branches-tiangan dizhi : the keys to the sublime.
Reference Section Study Aids shelf

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5 elements qigong

Video Collection WB 541.5.Q5 W959f 2007

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Hidden immortal lineage taiji qigong the mother form

New Books WB 541.5.Q5 W959h 2010

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Xinyi wudao : heart-mind - the Dao of martial arts

(On Order, should arrive by 5/1/16)

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Fire dragon meridian qigong : essential neigong for health and spiritual transformation

Main Circulation WB 541.5.Q5 W959f 2012

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 Heavenly stems and earthly branches - TianGan DiZhi : the heart of Chinese wisdom traditions

Main Circulation BF 1714 W949h 2014

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Seeking the spirit of the Book of change : 8 days to mastering a shamanic Yijing (I Ching) prediction system

 Main Circulation PL 2464 W959s 2009

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