Origami & Chinese Paper Folding

If you were near the Steel Bridge on the evening of August 6th, you may have noticed a new sight -- 1,000 large origami cranes flying over the water. The art project is a memorial of the Hiroshima bombing; the US dropped the first atomic bomb (dubbed, "Little Boy") in Nagasaki, Japan on August 6, 1945, killing an estimated 145,000 people.


The word Origami is Japanese, and the art form has been used for centuries not only in religious ceremonies, but as a recreational activity2. In China, it is referred to as Chinese Paper Folding, or zhezhi3

The library has a few books on this art, including the PBS documentary, Between the Folds, as well as Trash Origami: 21 Paper Folding Art Projects Reusing Everyday Materials, a modern take on origami.


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